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Corporate Responsibility

At Water Engineering and Pumping Technologies LTD, we care about the future. This means we know our obligations to our employees, the communities where we live and do our business, our customers, our shareholders and the Environment.

We are proud to be part of an industry that knows our obligations and responsibilities and whose products and technologies improve the quality and value of life.

We are an integral part of the world economy. We contribute to the global economy, Water Engineering and Pumping Technologies LTD designs solutions and technologies in Energy, Air and Water through Environmentally sound approaches.

Water Engineering and Pumping Technologies LTD is committed to the principles of Sustainable Development, which is to minimize and help organizations reduce the imprint that our businesses leave on the environment, both for us and for future generations.

To achieve this, we got standards and practices geared towards the preservation of energy, water and non-renewable resources and the protection, conservation and preservation of air and other environmental media.

Water Engineering and Pumping Technologies LTD participates in supporting needy students in schools and currently we are partnering with the Ryllod Award Scheme to pay school fees for the needy students at Igembe Secondary School in Meru North District, Kenya. Our staff works as volunteers to help raise money for various charities and special projects.

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